The impact of the journal of the first voyage

Besides, this Hispana abounds in various kinds of species, gold and metals. This day at ten o'clock a pelican came on board, and in the evening another; these birds are not accustomed to go twenty leagues from land.

In this manner a single tree bears five or six different kinds. Here follow the precise words of the Admiral: These signs encouraged them, and they all grew cheerful.

My intention was to follow the coast of the island to the southeast as it runs in that direction, being informed by the Indians I have on board, besides another whom I met with here, that in such a course I should meet with the island which they call Samoet, where gold is found.

They saw a great deal of weed which proved to be rockweed, it came from the west and they met with it very frequently. But it seemed to me that they were a people very poor in everything. In The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, Saw a pelican; the sea smooth as a river, and the finest air in the world.

Returned to Gomera, Sunday, 2 September, with the Pinta repaired. After coasting the southern shores of Hispaniola and Cuba, Columbus turned southwest and encountered the Central American mainland at the end of July.

Columbus reports on his first voyage, 1493

They are all very level, without mountains, exceedingly fertile and populous, the inhabitants living at war with one another, although a simple race, and with delicate bodies. The emperor of Cathay—whom Europeans referred to as the Great Khan of the Golden Horde —was himself held to be interested in Christianity, and Columbus carefully carried a letter of friendship addressed to him by the Spanish monarchs.

I now set sail for the other large island to the west and gave orders for the canoe which the Nina had in tow to be set adrift. The diversity in the appearance of the feathered tribe from those of our country is extremely curious. They took much water aboard, more than they had taken in the whole voyage.

The copy shown here is the second, corrected edition of the pamphlet. Going round one of these lakes, I saw a snake, which we killed, and I have kept the skin for your Highnesses; upon being discovered he took to the water, whither we followed him, as it was not deep, and dispatched him with our lances; he was seven spans in length; I think there are many more such about here.

He had also ordered that the ships should keep in close company at sunrise and sunset, as the air was more favorable at those times for seeing at a distance.

One Portuguese ship also landed on the coast of Brazil, giving Portugal a claim in the Americas. The Admiral regretted the affair for one reason, and was pleased for another.

Our Lord pleasing, at the time of my departure I will take six of them from here to Your Highnesses in order that they may learn to speak Sailed in the night nearly five leagues, and twenty-three in the day. And they are very respectful and not very black, less so than Canarians.

And most of that time, Columbus thought he was somewhere off the coast of Asia. He left Spain on May 30,with a fleet of three supply ships headed for Hispaniola and three ships whose goal was to discover if there was a landmass to the south. What follows are the very words of the Admiral in his book about his first voyage to, and discovery of, these Indies.

And because the caravel Pinta was a better sailor and went ahead of the Admiral it found land and made the signals that the Admiral had ordered. Here the pilots found their places upon the chart: We asked him in return, for water, and after I had gone on board the ship, the natives came down to the shore with their calabashes full, and showed great pleasure in presenting us with it.

This was done about an hour after sunset. Within three hours we descried an island to the east toward which we directed our course, and arrived all three, before noon, at the northern extremity, where a rocky islet and reef extend toward the North, with another between them and the main island.

The First Voyage of Columbus

If it please our Lord, I intend at my return to carry home six of them to your Highnesses, that they may learn our language. What follows is the actual words of the Admiral in his book of the first navigation and discovery of the Indies.

Despite the headaches, he got away from the port of Gomera on September 6. Steered about west-northwest varying their course, and making thirty leagues' progress.

Europeans such as Columbus often looked to the East as a way to gain wealth. Both were employed as chart makers, but Columbus was principally a seagoing entrepreneur.

I ordered him to be presented with bread and honey, and drink, and shall carry him to Fernandina and give him his property, that he may carry a good report of us, so that if it please our Lord when your Highnesses shall send again to these regions, those who arrive here may receive honor, and procure what the natives may be found to possess.In the letter that prefaces his journal of the first voyage, the admiral vividly evokes his own hopes and binds them all together with the conquest of the infidel, the victory of Christianity, and the westward route to discovery and Christian alliance.

Journal of the First Voyage of Columbus: Source: First Voyage, Columbus’s journal of his first voyage shows that he departed Spain on August 3,and returned in Aprillanding in the Caribbean on October 12, Investigation by the National Geographic Society in the s concluded that this landfall occurred on.

The first series, which ran from toconsists of books containing published or previously unpublished works by authors from Christopher Columbus to Sir Francis Drake, and covering voyages to the New World, to China and Japan, to Russia and to Africa and India.

Having convinced the King and Queen of Spain to finance his voyage, Christopher Columbus departed mainland Spain on August 3, He quickly made port in the Canary Islands for a final restocking and left there on September 6.

The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition Paul Lauter, General Editor Christopher Columbus () The journal of the first voyage of Columbus (–) describes the land and peoples of the Bahamas, Cuba, and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) for a pair of monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabel, anxious to.

According to JOURNAL OF THE FIRST VOYAGE TO AMERICA, what did Columbus do first after the crew went ashore? He found an abandoned house.

Which of these choices describe Columbus as JOURNAL OF THE FIRST VOYAGE TO AMERICA reveals him?

The impact of the journal of the first voyage
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